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CWR dominates local, national, and international search markets. Our strategy centers on playing the game smarter, faster and more effectively. We test algorithm changes obsessively, keep our costs incredibly low, and move sites in competitive markets obscenely fast. The website optimization tactics we employ enable companies and individuals to achieve optimal placements that stick and that generate lots of leads that turn into sales. We focus on ROI, and we’re here to do one thing, make you loads of money. SEO in New York.
Services Arrangement
We’re very good at this and as a result, highly confident that we can create value for clients every single month, so our search engine optimization campaigns are scheduled on a month-to-month, no long-term commitment basis, planning campaigns at the beginning of the month, and reporting at month’s end. You only have to sign up for one month to test out our service. Google SEO in New York.
Research, Competition Analysis, and Keyword Analysis
Research web competition and analyze competitor sites, determining backlink competition, general SEO health of competition, and outlook for successful campaign given initial keyword ideas.
Keyword research based on competition and determination of best keywords for ROI. Sometimes it’s better to go with niche terms. Other times it’s better to go right for the highest volume terms. Depends on budget and competition. However, we do work on a larger set of terms in all cases so as to prevent over-optimization. Longtail terms often convert at much higher rates as well. New York City.

Tailored Strategies, Targeted Results
Our clients range from national brands and hardcore e-commerce markets, to local SEO in New York City and other local businesses across the country. The tools and strategies we employ evolve constantly and are custom tailored to every client based on type of business, audience, keyword competition, existing sites in the market, and so on. We research and develop new techniques continually to ensure our SEO services drive and maintain optimal search placements.

Linkbuilding and Offsite Promotion
Through our existing and continually growing relationships with key influencers on major websites, we produce and publish high quality, relevant, niche specific content for the purposes of brand development, increasing referral traffic, and building links back to client sites.

Targeted specific content creation
Link building on highly relevant, in-niche websites
Niche posts from authoritative websites
Infographic creation and promotion
Local citation creation and optimization
Social media and reputation management
Youtube and video promotion
Link Detoxification
This involves the development of a comprehensive link profile based on Google Webmaster Tools and Link Research Tools reports to evaluate you existing link profile as per Google guidelines and latest algorithm updates. The SEO in New York City determine which of your existing links need removal and contact webmasters for removal requests. After four weekly email requests, we file a Google disavowal request on your behalf if necessary.

On Site Search Engine Optimization
Meta, title, description and header tag addition or sculpting throughout the site.
Keyword density analysis.
Rewrite of content as necessary.
Backend site optimization such as eliminating coding errors, caching plugins, site load speed testing, etc. (there are about 25 small items on this checklist).
Analysis or inclusion of proper conversion tools, elements, forms (ie. conversion optimization).
Ensuring keyword focus for search volumes.
Installation of Google Webmasters and Analytcs, creation of sitemap, etc.

Reporting & Results
Before beginning any marketing campaign and applying web optimization strategies, our scoring metrics determine your current state with an experience-based estimate of what it will take to be successful and dominate your market or niche. If it’s a tough win, we’ll tell you upfront.

Reporting is how your SEO company lets you know you’re getting your money’s worth. We run your rankings at the end of every month so you know exactly how many positions you’ve moved up for each and every keyword and send you a detailed record of exactly what’s going on with your campaign.


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